Sisal – Not only is sisal sustainable and 100% biodegradable, it carries many other advantages as well. It is extremely hardwearing and strong – one of the toughest in the natural plant fibre flooring ranges – and is also anti-static, due to its natural fibres helping to control the humidity in the atmosphere. This is a great bonus for any office settings with computers and also means that the flooring is less likely to attract dirt.

Seagrass – Flooring products made from seagrass are usually backed with latex to keep the whole product natural. Just like any other woven product, seagrass flooring is available in a number of different patterns designs and fine or coarse weaves. Seagrass is only available in its natural colour; this can be greenish or golden depending on when it was harvested. It has a waxy, rustic and pleasing look once laid.

Jute – Jute flooring has many advantages. It is completely natural and so less likely to trigger skin irritations. Jute carpet will be incredibly soft under foot, so its great for snug areas like bedrooms or living rooms. Other advantages include its anti-static properties, its low thermal conductivity and acoustic insulation properties. Jute is also fire-resistant due to its inherent structure and its natural oils – it might catch fire but it will not stay lit for long.

Coir – Coir makes ideal flooring, especially in areas that receive high traffic as it is very resistant to wear and tear. It is a great alternative to carpet and also to other natural plant coverings that are too fine to withstand heavy wear. Coir can be used as carpets but also as rugs and mats, which are very strong and tightly woven. It is a strong but coarse fibre and probably isn’t the best material for areas where comfort under-foot is a consideration.

Wool – Wool carpets have had a reputation for quality and durability for hundreds of years. Synonymous with luxury, they remain an incredibly popular carpet of choice for homeowners and in the housebuilding and hospitality sectors.

Wool as a fibre can withstand pressure, has a beautiful aesthetic and excellent appearance retention properties. It is also incredibly long-lasting when properly cared for, making it an excellent investment when it becomes time to replace existing carpets. If you’re considering the purchase of a new carpet, wool is definitely a viable option.

Customer Reviews

I had new stair carpet, and vinyl fitted on my landing yesterday and I am thrilled with the end result. A huge thank you to the fitter (Matthew May) for taking the time and care to do a perfect job. I am an extremely happy customer therefore I highly recommend The One Stop Carpet Shop!

Dawn Rosher - November - 2016

What can I say! Measured and fitted within a week. Super friendly, very very helpful. These guys did my whole house & it looks amazing. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thanks again x

Kailey Smith - February, 2017

From my initial enquiry, to measuring and expert fitting, I cannot fault the service received from the entire 'one stop' team. Superb advice and efficient service. I won't go anywhere else in future.

Wayne Burns - February, 2020